From a single source

Support in optimizing product development, component quality,
and after sales services for vehicles and industrial facilities

Collection and analysis of technical feedback from customer and test fleets

  • Evaluation of the options of using vehicle networks to provide information on stress-relevant signals
  • Support for selecting and generating stress-relevant network signals
  • Development and integration of model-based algorithms (sensor fusion/sensor substitution)
  • Structural durability tests: Comparison of load/stress and resistance to loads/stresses
  • Flexible visualization of operating data
    • Comparison between customer fleets
    • Comparison of customer fleets with internal test vehicles
    • Comparison of individual vehicles, fleets, and markets
    • Statistical survey of the scope of application in a market
    • Provision of data in different data formats
  • Support in acquiring, equipping, and coordinating customer and test fleets worldwide
  • Advice on the integration of operating data in measures to promote the sales of your products

Consultancy services

For vehicle and plant engineering:

  • Support in optimizing your product engineering processes using data from the utilization phase of your products
  • Consultancy for customer profiling in an international environment
  • Support in documenting durability approval: from load to stress and estimated service life
  • Implementing methods for validating reliability and early detection of damage based on network data

For after sales services:

  • Optimizing your sales activities based on technical feedback collected from your products which are being used by customers
  • Optimizing pricing models for leasing and financing options by determining the technical overall status across the life cycle of your products
  • Support in optimizing your service and workshop business by means of individual service measures which can be scheduled

For the insurance business:

  • Support in optimizing industry – and customer-specific risk assessments based on technical feedback from the vehicles of your insurance clients


  • Possibilities and benefits of flexible data collection, processing, and analysis in connected vehicles and industrial facilities
  • Fundamentals of data bus systems in vehicles and industrial facilities
  • Basics of embedded software and hardware engineering for start ups
  • Fundamentals of data transmission and telematics in vehicles