From Data to Knowledge

Our vision

From the knowledge of real product usage to optimal product design:

We support you to manage and maximize your knowledge, discover insights and make quick and precise decisions.
See your products through the customers’ eyes and determine the total spectrum of real product usage.
Use the technical feedback of your customer and test vehicles or industrial plants to design your products.

Unsere Vision: From Data to Knowledge


The use of real component loads is decisive for many aspects in the early stages of product development. ESTINO provides the technical transparency of component loads in the testing phase as an additional reference.



Using real operating states as boundary conditions for product development enables targeted design and optimization of components and assemblies. We support the individual steps of product development with our technologies & services.


The scatter of real component loads in representative customer fleets has a major impact on product damage and failure rates during the testing phase. ESTINO assists and supports the entire testing loop and provides the full spectrum of product usage.

Erprobung / Versuch

Quality management

Estimating the expected failure rate of components in representative customer fleets is crucial for the preliminary calculation of warranty costs. ESTINO supports the determination of failure rates by observing and take into account the usage spectrum.


Preventive maintenance based on detailed knowledge of the product usage is essential for reliable product availability. By monitoring critical operating conditions, ESTINO supports better planning of maintenance and service schedules to reduce downtime.


Sale activities

Important insights for the development of the consulting and sales strategy can be obtained from the operational behaviour during the usage phase. ESTINO supports the clustering of customer relevant characteristics for the optimization of consulting services for customized products and targeted sales promotion activities.


Technical feedback from representative customer fleets allows the optimization of risk assessments. We support customers in defining and evaluating individual parameters for a better and detailed assessment of the overall product failure risk.


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