Computational Engineering

Technical computation,
simulation and product development.

Product development & optimization by simulation and computational engineering

Our primary focus lies in utilizing simulation technology as a key technique for product development. We actively collaborate with industrial partners, assisting them in finding solutions to interdisciplinary technical challenges through using our tools with advanced simulation methods.

  • Product development & optimization
  • Multibody & structural dynamics
  • Interdisciplinary modelling & simulation
  • Engineering mechanics & computation
  • Method & software development
  • Support & Workshops

Multibody dynamics (MBD)

The possible scope of analysis spans from kinematic studies of rigid body systems to the multibody dynamics of elastic structures.

  • Kinematics and dynamics of multibody systems
  • Multidisciplinary simulation of MBS
  • Structural dynamics and vibrations
  • Rotor and machine dynamics
  • Design studies & optimization
  • Acoustics and NVH
Mehrkörperdynamik (MKS)
Finite Elemente Berechnung (FEM)

Finite Element Analysis (FEM)

The spectrum of topics encompasses linear, static calculations of individual components and extends to the nonlinear analysis of complex assemblies.

  • Static & transient structural analysis
  • Continuum mechanics and fatigue
  • Structural dynamics and modal reduction
  • Modal & frequency response analysis
  • Contact mechanics

Computational Engineering

Our portfolio ranges from 1D simulation to multidisciplinary coupling of simulation models. We answer questions on topics such as:

  • Basic design of mechanical systems
  • Torsional vibration analysis and vibration engineering
  • Elasto-hydrodynamics and bearings
  • Analytical & numerical calculations
  • Numerical optimization problems
  • Data analysis and visualization
Technische Berechnungen
Methoden- & Softwareentwicklung

Method & Software Development

We specialize in the development of technical-scientific applications within the field of numerical simulation. Our expertise lies in implementing analytical and numerical methods and automate computational processes.