Smart Data Technologies

Data analysis for product development, sales and aftersales services.

Data visualization, analysis, and reporting

The interaction of powerful hardware, automated databases, and user-friendly apps simplifies data acquisition and analysis, offering a cost-effective and adaptable solution. We offer a wide range of flexible solutions that meet customer-specific requirements.

  • Data visualization
  • Data analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence & mathematical methods
  • Durability & Fatigue
  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Condition Monitoring

Estino.Observer. Eine bereichsübergreifende Software Plattform zur ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Analyse und Visualisierung von Mess-, Telematik-, Metadaten, Sensorsignalen und Steuergeräte-Informationen.


Our cross-domain software platform provides a versatile solution for engineering analysis and visualization of measurements, telematics, metadata, sensor signals, and ECU information.

Data visualization, analysis and reporting

  • Efficiently prepare and present measurement results
  • Deliver factual information and valuable insights through user-friendly data visualization
  • Interactively identify and comprehend technical insights while recognizing trends
  • Analyze design criteria based on factual data and market considerations
Datenvisualisierung, Analyse und Reporting
Lebensdauer & Betriebsfestigkeit: Wir stellen individuelle und kundenspezifische Werkzeuge zur Verfügung, um die erhobenen Daten konsequent mit Lebensdaueranalysen zu verknüpfen.

Durability & Fatigue:

We offer personalized and customer-specific tools to consistently link the collected data with fatigue analyses.

Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Our modules support the development of reliable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance systems.

Zustandsüberwachung und vorausschauende Wartung
Zentrale Datenbasis. Estino.Observer ist als eine zentrale und gemeinsame Datenbasis zur organisationsinternen Kommunikation und Reporting zu verstehen. Wichtige Zusammenhänge aus Entwicklung & Erprobung bis hin zum Aftersales-Service lassen sich schneller erkennen und einfacher verstehen.

Shared database

Our Estino.Observer can be understood as a shared database for internal communication and reporting. Crucial aspects ranging from development and testing to after-sales services are enabled to access essential information faster and easier.


Intuitive project management and user management structure enable optimal collaboration between different company departments.


Standardized analyses for individual products and fully configurable product groups

Integration of AI methods and arbitrary algorithms for data processing

Counting and classification methods with complex constraints and advanced filtering options

Individually configurable to customer-specific interfaces and requirements

Built-in online reporting tool with real-time database connectivity and automatic data updates

Built-in, local database solution for integration of measurements, telematics, metadata, and sensor signals



Operational state dependent load and fatigue analysis

  • Detection of damage-relevant states using machine learning algorithms
  • Automatic state-dependent segmentation of measurements and telematic datasets
  • Innovative method for coupling measurements to telematic data
  • Normalized partial or total collectives for scaling dynamic load cases
  • Determination of load spectra from testing and test bench data
  • Derivation of design-relevant load cases from test or customer operation
Cyclescan: Betriebszustandsabhängige Beanspruchungsanalyse und Betriebsfestigkeit


Estimation of remaining life or fatigue of critical components by state-dependent load analysis based on telematic data.

  • Determination of relevant operating states by analysing telematic data from use cases in test or customer operation mode
  • Fatigue and durability analysis by scaling and combining normalized load spectra
  • Determination of the most damaging load case and derivation of representative load collectives
  • Coupling measurements to telematic data sets allows the estimation of component stresses and fatigue only based on telematic data analysis
Dutyscan: Abschätzung der Restlebensdauer oder Betriebsfestigkeit ausfallkritischer Komponenten mittels betriebszustandsabhängiger Beanspruchungsanalyse der Telematik