Edge Computing

Data acquisition from real product usage


The Estino.edge product family offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for data acquisition from real-world product usage.

This telematics solution incorporates a 4G modem and GPS localization, enabling passive and maintenance-free data acquisition in vehicles, machinery, and industrial plants.

  • Edge Computing
  • Realtime
  • Remote Download & Update
  • Automotive & Industry 4.0
  • IP65, IP68 protection class
  • Customized configuration

Application areas

The Estino.Edge product family is well-suited for capturing data from entire test fleets and individual measurement tasks across various industrial sectors. Its compact size and maintenance-free operation make it suitable for use even in rough environments.

Die Estino.Edge Produktfamilie eignet sich sowohl für die messtechnische Ausstattung gesamter Testflotten


By leveraging edge computing and edge AI directly on mobile devices, this not only enables the real-time execution of complex development tasks but also facilitates efficient data transfer.

Edge-Computing. Die Datenverarbeitung direkt am mobilen Endgerät durch Edge Computing & Edge AI ermöglicht die Umsetzung von komplexen Entwicklungsaufgaben in Echtzeit und eine ressourcenschonende Datenübertragung.
Wide range of data types

Wide range of data types

The Estino.Edge product family enables the collection of measurements, telematics, metadata, sensor signals, and ECU information from individual product components or entire systems, whether they are mobile or stationary.

Plug & Play

The Estino product family embraces a modular concept that enables personalized configurations and individual utilization of its components. It can be cost-effectively deployed and tailored as a comprehensive system for a wide range of industrial applications. The compatibility of the hardware and software components establishes a flexible and dependable platform for development tasks.

Plug & Play
Customized configuration

Customized configuration

The Estino.Edge concept permits a tailored configuration of the entire system, which can be expanded with additional features through remote updates.

Worldwide certification

The worldwide certifications enable the installation of the Estino.edge product family in prototype, test, trial, and series products.

Worldwide certification